Pre-owned Fur Coats

Used Fur CoatsWe specialize in selling fine quality fur coats. As the largest buyers of pre-owned fur coats and other furs in the country, we bring in fresh pre-owned fur coat stock on a weekly basis. It is hard for us to keep up with these changes in our fur coat gallery but we try our best.

If you are looking to sell your pre-owned furs, please visit our fur buyers page for more information

Pre-owned Fur Coats at Low Wholesale Prices

Fur coat selection and price is what separates us from our competition and keeps bringing our customers back. Because we are not fancy, we are able to translate our lack of high overhead into great fur prices, year round. We buy it right, we sell it right!

Fur coats are in fashion more than ever. Owning a fur coat is a “must have”. If you can’t afford a new fur coat you are sure to find a beautiful second hand fur coat at Henry Cowit Inc. at a low wholesale price. Look hot and stay warm in a full length fur coat, ¾ fur coat, fur jacket or other fur accessories from our fur supermarket.

Full Range of Pre-owned, Vintage, Designer and New Fur Coats

We have ¾ fur coats in both straight or full sweep.  These 3/4 and  7/8 garments are the most popular as they are perfect for today’s dress up / dress down society. We have pre-owned and new fur wear in all of today’s most popular furs: mink, sheared mink, Persian & swakara lamb, fox, chinchilla, sable, sheared beaver, sheared muskrat and long haired furs such as beaver, raccoon and coyote. Many of our garments come from some of the biggest names and desginers in the fashion world. We also have the largest selction of vintage furs in the country.

The ¾ fur coat has become incredibly popular almost replacing the full length coat. In today’s relaxed fashion mode, a ¾ fur garment can fashionably be used for dressing up for that special occasion or for dressing down for the weekend. The ¾ fur coat is long enough that you can wear it with a gown but will look great with a pair of jeans and boots. We also have reversible ¾ fur garments such as sheared mink with micro fiber.

When you buy a pre-owned fur coat from us we promise to stand behind any fur coat or fur garment and remodel we sell.

Pre-owned Fur Coats are Labeled

All of our pre-owned and used fur coats are labeled second hand furs, both online and on premises.

Pre-owned and New Fur Coat Types

Henry Cowit Inc. and Madison Ave. Furs have fur coats of all types: mink fur, sheared mink, sable, fox fur, beaver (sheared and long hair), raccoon, Persian lamb, lynx, coyote and muskrat.

These furs are represented not just in pre-owned fur coats but also in our huge selection of new fur coats and fur accessories.

We also have reversible coats and strollers lined in fur. Also lining our racks are fur trimmed cashmere and alpaca capes.

Also check out our vast selection of new fur accessories.

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