Fur Storage

After selling you a beautiful new fur or remodeling your fur coat, we are also there to store and care for your fur garment and keep your fur in the best shape so it will give you many years of fur enjoyment. At New York’s Henry Cowit Inc. & Madison Ave. Furs, you will find a third generation family business who are full service furriers.

Storing Your Fur Professionally

Fur storage is a must during the late spring and summer months. We will store your fur in a professionally, climatically controlled fur storage vault to protect it against heat and insect damage.

Your home air conditioner and cedar closet does not do the same as a fur coat storage vault that is kept between 40 – 50 degrees with humidity at 45 – 55%. These numbers are considered ideal for the protection of your fur garment.
Our fur storage is available for all your furs, including furs not bought from us.

Fur Storage Arrangements

At Henry Cowit Inc and Madison Ave Furs, you can bring your fur garments into our store for fur coat storage or set up a fur pickup appointment almost anywhere in the tri-state area. Once the fur garment arrives on our premises, before storage our fur experts will inspect your furs for any repairs, cleaning or possible remodels your fur coats may require.

Serving: New York City | New York | Manhattan | New York Metro | Tri-state