Fur Cleaning and Care

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Even while taking the best possible care of your furs, these stunning garments collect dirt, dust, and stains with normal wear. Madison Avenue Furs, LTD. offers expert fur coat cleaning in the tri -state area, as well as and conditioning services for all of your furs, shearlings, leathers, and fur-trimmed coats. We also specialize in cleaning of fur throws and fur rugs.

How Often to Clean Your Furs

With average use, we recommend having your fur cleaned once per year by a professional fur coat care expert. Fur garments that you wear frequently or every day may require multiple cleanings per year.

DIY Fur Coat Cleaning

It may be tempting to attempt to clean your fur garments at home or to drop off your furs at a commercial dry cleaner. However, these practices can severely damage the quality of your fur and dramatically reduce its lifespan.

Benefits of Professional Fur Cleaning New York

• Removes stains, dirt, and dust
• Removes unpleasant odors
• Enhances the fur’s luster and sheen
• Keeps the fur soft and fluffy
• Helps your fur last longer

Tips for Fur Care NYC

While fur cleaning is best left to the professionals, there are many things that you can do to keep your furs looking lush and beautiful. Here are some fur coat care tips from our expert furriers!

• Never store furs in plastic bags
• Use cloth bags to transport furs
• Give furs plenty of room in your closet
• Allow fur to dry naturally after rain
• Don’t use a purse strap on the shoulder of your fur
• Don’t sit on your fur for extended periods of time