Fur Cleaning

Expert Fur Cleaning

Fur CleaningWe provide expert fur cleaning and conditioning services for all of your furs, shearlings, leathers and fur-trimmed coats.

It should be no surprise that your fur gathers dust and dirt and should be cleaned once a year by a professional fur cleaning expert.

Cleaning your fur will maintain the fur’s luster, sheen and will keep your fur soft and fluffy. A proper fur cleaning will also remove most unpleasant odors such as the smell of moth and cedar balls.

Never attempt to clean a fur garment at home nor use a commercial dry cleaner. Our fur cleaning processes will help preserve your fur coat, extending the fur’s life span and assuring you years of clean fur pleasure.

We also recommend professional fur coat storage.

Fur Care

Fur care is crucial in preserving your fur and lengthening your furs lifespan.

Some important tips from Henry Cowit Inc. & Madison Ave. Furs:

  • Each year, fur coat storage is a must and we recommend an annual professional fur cleaning.
  • Allow your fur coat proper space in your closet and never keep any fur in a plastic bag. Your fur requires proper air circulation.
  • Use a plastic, non-pointy hangar at all times as to not put any strain on the fur garment shoulders.
  • Use a cloth bag when transporting your fur to and from storage and also when traveling. We will provide you with our cloth fur coat bag upon any fur garment purchase from Henry Cowit Inc & Madison Ave. Furs.
  • If your fur garment gets wet, shake it off and let the fur dry naturally. Never use heat such as a blow dryer, as it can singe the fur and dry out the leather. If the fur gets soaked, please bring it in for immediate attention.
  • Keep shoulder straps away from the fur as much as possible and try to refrain from sitting on your fur garment for long periods of time. Both will lead to pre-mature wear.


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