Largest Fur Buyers of Used Furs in the Country

Henry Cowit, Inc. is the largest fur buyer of used and vintage furs in the country. Our many years of experience in the second hand fur market puts us way ahead of the newcomers who are now just jumping into used furs. Because we are not fancy, we are able to translate our lack of high overhead into great prices, year round.

Fur Services
We travel and network nationwide to acquire the largest and finest inventory of pre-owned and vintage furs in the country. Our store lacks the fancy decor of uptown fur salons. Less overhead equates into true savings for our customers.

As the country’s largest fur buyer and consignment broker of used fur garments, we get calls and e-mails from all over the country.

We are Fur Buyers and Our Main Goal is to Buy Your Fur

As fur buyers, our main goal is to buy your fur coat or other fur garments but if we can’t get together on a fur buying price, we can take your fur garments on consignment and try to sell them for you at a price that will be more beneficial to you.

Before contacting us to buy your fur, here are some details we will need to know before telling you whether we will be interested in buying your fur:

  • type of fur
  • style of fur garment
  • fur color and size
  • fur’s age
  • some digital pictures emailed to us works the best besides all of the above

The most important factor in buying your fur is the condition of the garment (that means the underneath leather side to make sure there is no dryness or rips). Digital pictures of your garment would help but we cannot tell quality and condition from a picture. Please make sure your pictures are bright and clear.

You do not need an appointment to show us your furs you want us to buy but please call us in advance and let us know what you have. We will not tell you exactly what a fur might be worth over the phone, just an approximate fur buying range. We only give a specific buying price upon inspection of any fur.

Fur Buyers Don’t Buy Every Fur

We do not buy every fur. If you do ship in your fur garments for inspection and we cannot get together on price to buy your fur, we will send back your fur coats at your expense.

If you bring in your furs to the store for us to buy it, it will require an identification card such as your driver’s license, passport or social security card before we buy any fur garment.

When We Are Interested in Buying Your Fur

When we are interested in buying your fur and we agree on the fur buying price, we will give you a check on the spot. We do not give cash for fur buys but we will endorse the checks so that you will be able to cash it at our bank or a local check cashing service.

Many people call us not knowing what type of fur they have. You really need to try and find out what you have as we do not buy everything. If you can’t find out and if your out of town, you can send us pictures ( just of the fur ( front, back, close up ( no labels or lining)) and we should be able to determine what type of fur you have as long as the pictures are clear and bright. If you are in the area, you can bring in your fur with no guarantee that we will be interested in buying it.

When Buying Your Fur Doesn’t Work Fur Consignment is the Answer

Our fur consignment policy is that for your fur you will receive the price that we agreed on (no 60-40 or 50-50 split). You will be paid upon sale of your fur garment via check. We can take furs on consignment for any periods of time. The longer period you give us, the more chance we will have to sell your fur. We also might try and sell your fur garment to one of our wholesale accounts so we do request the right to show your furs out of town. This is all spelled out in a fur consignment contract that we will give you once it is read and signed by both of us.


Serving: New York City | New York | Manhattan | New York Metro | Tri-state