Valentino Designed Like New Black Dyed Swakara Lamb Cape ( size: 1 size fits all)

This is another garment from our collection of designer furs. Check out this luxurious Midnight Dyed Black Swakara Lamb Cape designed by Valentino. The chic cape has a ruffled front and a stand up collar. The soft silky skins are from the South Africa. The spread on the skins is amazing. The perfect garmentĀ for those very special occasions. It has no closures, the lining is in excellent condition and this garment has no monogram. Length: 36", shoulders: 16", sweep: 92", size: 1 size fits all.

Old Price: $7,500.00

Price: $2,995.00

You save: $4,505.00! (60.07%)

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