New Blackglama Color Added Ranch Mink Swing Coat w/ Ruffles (Size: 12 – 14)

Take a peak at one of our amazing bargains. Our huge inventory of furs allows us to lower our prices to give our customers the best bang for the buck when it comes to FUR. Check out this spectacular Blackglama Color Added Ranch Mink coat.  This extra long swing coat is made from the finest female let out mink skins from the USA. They are silky, low nap and almost feel and look like they are sheared. It has a shawl collar and bracelet cuffs which are ruffled along with the border and front tuxedo giving the coat a very unique and luxurious look. It also has rounded fronts and slash pockets. The coat has European hook and eye closures and the lining is new. Length: 54", sleeves: 32". armholes; 23", shoulders: 17", sweep: 90", size: 12 - 14.

Old Price: $12,500.00

Price: $4,295.00

You save: $8,205.00! (65.64%)

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