New White Kidskin 3/4 Coat ( size: 8)


New White Kidskin 3/4 Coat ( size: 8)

$3,995.00 $1,695.00

Take a peek at one of our amazing bargains. Our huge inventory of furs allows us to lower our prices to give our customers the best bang for the buck when it comes to FUR. Check out this gorgeous White Kidskin 3/4 coat. The coat is from soft kidskins in a skin on skin pattern. It has a wing collar and slash pockets. It is amazingly lightweight and can be worn in the Spring, Fall and Winter. The stylish 3/4 garment is perfect for today’s dress up / dress down world. The stroller has hooks and eye closures and the lining is new.  Length: 37″, sleeves: 28 1/2″. armholes; 19″, shoulders: 16″, sweep: 48″, size: 8.