New Natural Dark Chinchilla Stroller (size: 8)

Is there anything more glamorous and luxurious than chinchilla? The answer of course is no. Is there anything as soft and silky as chinchilla, of course the answer to that is also no.  So please check out this breath taking Natural Chinchilla stroller. This garment has a horizontal design, slash pockets, 7/8 sleeves and a cross cut wing collar. It is made from plush and silky skins from Argentina. The stroller has European hook and eye closures and the lining is new. Length: 29", sleeves: 29", armholes: 20", shoulders: 17", sweep: 50", size: 8.

Old Price: $13,950.00

Price: $7,995.00

You save: $5,955.00! (42.69%)

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