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Henry Cowit, Inc. / Madison Avenue Furs, LTD. in New York City’s Fur District is a multifaceted, third generation family business where anything you want in fur is here; your FUR SUPERMARKET and ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR ALL YOUR FUR NEEDS. We are the largest Fur matchers in the USA and possibly the World. This was our original business based on three generations of experience. We have been supplying matching fur material for repairs and remodels for retailers across the country for well over 75 years. We have a huge inventory of skins, stripes and parts for all your matching needs.

We specialize in the selling of pre-owned & vintage furs

Selling pre-owned and vintage furs is our area of expertise but we also sell and custom design new fur garments. We sell a full line of new fur accessories including fur vests, fur hats, fur headbands, fur ear muffs, fur scarves, fur boas, and fur ponchos.

Vogue says that Henry Cowit Inc / Madison Ave Furs has New York City’s best Selection of Classic Vintage Furs: http://www.vogue.com/…/henry-cowit-inc-vintage-furs-new-yo…/

We have since moved to our new showroom on W 27th St.

Selling Pre-owned Furs from the Largest Inventory in the Country

About Cowit FursWe have the largest inventory of  pre-owned  and vintage furs for sale in the country. Many of them are designer label fur garments. Check out the feedback and testimonials from some our new customers:

Check out this review in the City Search website about our competition:I prefer Cowit furs, please. 05/28/2008 Posted by furdiva

“As my name says, I adore a fur and Peta be darned. That said, while I have spent some quality time at their competition, I actually prefer Cowit Furs on West 29th. Yes, I can get fabulous customer service there, but also they are the best for used furs in NYC . I didn’t find that the competition had the selection in furs that I was looking for..and their prices on new furs were higher than I am accustomed to paying.”

Check out the feedback we got from new customers who bought fabulous pre-owned furs from our website: From: Teresa Nigro Sent: Wed 11/12/08 6:29 PM To: HCFURMATCHER@MSN.COM…………………..

Dear Steve, I just wanted to let you know that the beaver stroller arrived to day and its quite lovely. In fact I was pleasantly surprised.I took a chance buying this over the internet but I figured the price was right what do I have to lose. The coat fits great and is very warm which is exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to tell all my sisters to check out your website and when I’m ready for a mink I’ll be calling. Thank you for your service. Sincerly, Teresa Nigro

From: Valorie Gallagher Sent: Sat 12/06/08

Steve, I received my coat yesterday. Thank You! It is great! Thanks for leaving the hem unattached so I could see the pelts my self. Great condition, no drying at all. I am replacing the shoulder pad with a bit more modern ones. That’s it, she will be ready to wear. I am very tall and have very long arms, it was if it were made for me. Now we just need some really cold weather. I’ll be watching your web site for other fun furs at unbelievable prices! Valorie Gallagher

From: todd weddington……To: hcfurmatcher@msn.com Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 ………Steve….. The coat showed up as promised. It really exceeded my expectations, and my wife loved it. I expect to be ordering more in the future……Thanks again!………Todd

Check out this letter from one of our new customers who saw coats on our website and came into our store:

From: gail campbell …Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008

Hi Larry……… I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for such a great buying experience in shopping for my first mink coat. I really appreciate the time you took in helping me to find the perfect coat.

The selection of coats I had to choose from was superb, and the service and attention were outstanding! I look forward to doing business with you again……… Thank you so much…. Gail

Check out this review from Yelp.com: 1 Review for Henry Cowit Furs / Amy B. / New York, NY 5 star rating…2/1/2009

These guys rock. They are saving my jacket ruined by my idiot dry cleaner who said they could dry clean fur. Not recommended, FYI. It’s a family-run biz, I dealt with Larry and he was so nice, funny and entertaining. They let me personally pick out my bunny and I bet it’ll look even better than the original. I’ll definitely go there from now on to clean my jacket. And btw, for anyone who hasn’t been in a furrier before, it’s a crazy experience.

From: Gary P….Sent: Thu, Sep 16, 2010 …..Hello Larry: I just got off of the phone with my sister Ellen. She LOVES the coat and said it fits her literally like it was made for her. NO alterations needed at all. She said whomever the prior owner was must have been the exact same size as she. THANK YOU again Larry. You are the best.

From: Anne. G. sent 12/23/10….. Just wanted to let you know that my handsome whiskey full length mink coat arrived today, as promised, beautifully packaged together with cloth bag and hanger. I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with my most unexpected gift from my husband. The monogram on the lining of the coat is impeccable. The style and fit of the coat are stunning. I am looking forward to being able to wear my fur for many, many years to come. Thank you for helping us choose this particular mink coat and I will recommend you, without hesitation, to our friends and neighbors here in Edgewater, NJ! May I take this opportunity to wish you and the staff Happy Holidays!.

From Stacey P in Chicago, 10/11: Hey Steve, do you still have the lynx? If so, I want it 🙂 I’ve been debating for a long time if I like cat lynx or Canadian/Russian. Such different looks but both so beautiful. i haven’t seen one as pretty as yours, and I am sooooo happy with my previous purchase…can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten, that I totally trust you guys. Let me know before I blow my whole check again :-),Best, Stacey

From Laurel B., Canada, 8/12:   OMG!!!!

The coat is absolutely beautiful!!  It fit like a glove and even in such hot weather, I had a difficult time taking it off!!  I thank you so very much.  If I live to be a hundred, this coat will be all I could ever want! (LOL)  I would recommend you to ALL the ladies I know!  Who knows, perhaps one day I may visit you, in your city…..wearing my coat!
Shipping was super, super fast.  We went on holidays and I assumed it would be there upon return but it was actually here the day after we left!
Thank you so much again!!      Laurel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Check out testimonial # 2 from Stacey in Chicago:
Submitted on 9/22/2012

I don’t endorse many people, causes or businesses. Buying sight unseen, particularly on high ticket items can be a nerve wracking experience. However, I have now taken a chance twice with Cowit Furs, and am simply blown away by the quality of the items I’ve purchased…one Revillon Mink, and one Russian Sable…not to mention the utter beauty, and here’s the best part ladies…the PRICES!!!! I’ve had my furs appraised for tens of thousands of dollars more than I paid, and as a single mom, I never thought I’d be able to have something like these coats….purchased  for myself, BY myself. The Cowit brothers have become like family to me, and take care of me with the highest degree of courtesy, professionalism, respect, and above all, HONESTY. Plus, although we’ve never met, they already know exactly what will fit me, what I will like, and I can say hand to God, they have earned my trust completely…not an easy thing to do with a woman like me. I’ve never second guessed a single purchase, and with each successive experience, I am simply astounded at how much better the coat was than I was expecting!!! I cannot endorse these men more highly, or encourage the fur lovers out there to consider doing your business with Madison Ave Furs. And in the odd case that you were not completely satisfied, they work with you. So ladies, feel safe, and treat yourself to luxury beyond your wildest dreams, even if you are on a budget. You cannot go wrong with these men…they are one of the few businesses in today’s world that runs on consummate customer service, quality of merchandise, and most importantly, honesty and integrity… and we all know these are hard qualities to find in a pressing economy, or just in general, hard to find today at all.

Sincerely, Stacey G., MS, LPC, Ph.D. Chicago, IL


Check out this testimonial on a fur we sold Liz off of our website:

 Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:41:11 -0400
Steve, Good evening.  Just received my knitted fisher stole.  I’ve been looking for exactly this for some time, even tried to have one custom made earlier this year, and sure wish I would’ve found this at Cowit Furs before purchasing other furs that don’t compare.  You are absolutely correct that “beyond a shadow of a doubt, the quality of the (stole), is better than (my) expectations”.  Thank you so much for your over-the-top customer service and furs.  I’ll be back!
Best wishes, Liz W.  

More feedback from one of new customers who bought a jacket from our website:

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 9:50 AM, Andrea J <AndreaJ@.edu>> wrote:


Good morning, I received my jacket yesterday and simply love it!  The photograph on your website does this coat no justice.  When I slipped it on, it fits like a glove.  Talk about stunning, I feel like I am back in New York shopping on Fifth Avenue!!  Thank you again.
Andrea J

This testimonial came from a young woman who visited our store  (12/20/12):

Dear Steve and team
Hope this email finds you well.
When I landed in London I had to go straight to work from the airport with all my luggage and of course my new beautiful mink jacket from you! I showed it to my female colleagues and have to say that you are already very very popular at my fashion store in London! I got so many compliments from them and they all want to come and see you next time they are in NYC!
In fact, one of them will be there beginning of January and you are first on the list! Her name is ****; she looks after Jewelery in our store.
She is very excited about visiting your store. I told her about the great service I received at your store.
As I am the womenswear manager at the Flagship store on Bond St I can spot this straight away; i felt so welcomed as i entered the store the first time and Mitch was so knowledgeable, clear, professional, very genuine and trustworthy. He was so helpful and really cared about what i was looking for. Have no words to describe the great service!
I had visited other stores in the street before coming to yours and have to say that yours was beyond better in all aspects; product, service and the whole experience!
Thanks very much!
I would like to be added to your mailing list.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Kind regards,

This a emails we received from someone who was surprised by her husband who bought a coat off of our website:

Annette D.
Thank you a million times! I love my coat & our new friend Mitch ( the most wonderful & knowledgeable fur person). MY full length mink was a Christmas surprise from my husband (Santa) OMG, I have never loved or owned anything so magnificent in all my life. The envy on my friends faces are the only downer, I don’t care. This coat was delivered promptly & in mint condition as promised. What you see on this website is sooo much more in person. Want to say Thank you for giving my husband & I such a spectacular gift. I love it & I will where it like no one ever could! Sincerely, Happy, Healthy,Prosperous 2013. Hoping to meet you soon.
12/14… Purchase # 2 from Annette:   I’m more than thrilled with my second purchase from Cowit, They are Truly Amazing to say the least, not only do they listen to what I want but they produced it!  Very knowledgeable & eager to answer any question you can throw their way.  My furs far exceeded my expectations, I can almost buy sight unseen at this juncture, that’s how much I trust them. I look into my closet & have to pinch myself to believe “These are really mine?” If you’re in the market, Cowit is unbeatable, prices, quality etc. Their merchandise is just exquisite. Be ready to pick your friends jaws off the floor! As much as I’d like to keep them all to myself, I can’t, I want everyone to be as happy as I am.  From my long luxurious, youthful, beautiful,mink to my shorter, stunning, gorgeous, Lynx,  I’m a walking advertisement & proud to be one for Cowit. I feel & look like I stepped out of Vogue!  Larry, Steve & Mitch, I’ll never really be able to express how your coats make me feel, heads are turning & tongues are wagging. It’s Great!! You never disappoint. Cowit guys we adore you & looking forward to meeting you when we come to NY. They seem to have read the pictures I had in my mind & knew just what I wanted.  We did all this over the phone. What’s that tell you? I’m pretty fussy too. My husband knew I wanted a Lynx so bad this year, he looked & searched, I said “Why didn’t you call Mitch”? Sure enough, got them on the phone, the rest is history.
I just cannot say enough about them. Thank you once again Henry Cowit Inc.
Annette & Jim

 A new customer from New Jersey bought this 3/4 coat off of our website (1/8/14);  I just received my 3/4 length mink coat. It is beautiful. It fits great. The monogram made me feel so special and the lettering is beautiful. I will recommend Madison Avenue Furs to my family and friends!
Thank You, Thank you, Thank You. Especially Steve, you were great to work with, helpful and caring.
Jennifer A. S.

1/8/14…This review was from a wonderful new customer from down South who came into our store;

Hi Larry,
I am sorry that this awful winter storm had to sweep the country so that it would be cold enough for me to wear “Larry’s Coat.”  That is what Douglas called it when he asked me if I had it on and that name has stuck.
Yesterday, in the grocery store a lady asked me if it was a real fur. I said yes. She told me it was the most beautiful  thing she has ever seen.
Since all business people get complaints, I just thought you might enjoy hearing one more time how much I love my coat and am enjoying wearing it. (especially since we wondered  for a long time if you would ever hear these words)
Eveline bought 2 garments from us on EBAY, 8/14: 
I wanted to take a minute to tell you how very happy I am with the beaver jacket and the mink coat I purchased from you. The monograms turned out wonderfully – and I especially love the gold monogram in my mink coat. My sister was thrilled with the beaver jacket and it fit like it was custom made for her. The two-tone mink coat is just stunning! I can’t wait to wear it this winter and I’m certain that I’ll be receiving many compliments. Thanks again and I hope to do business with you again in the future.
Eveline  / PS:Steve, of course you can use my comments. I feel like you provided customer service the way it should be! But, unfortunately, most merchants have forgotten that these days. Especially with online purchases.

Check out this amazing review on Yelp:

June 3, 2015
Elodie L.    reviewed your business on Yelp
5 Stars (5/5)
I do not understand why there is even one negative review for this business.I have worked in fashion for 20 years (15 of which I spent in NYC) and I give Madison Avenue Furs five stars because this business truly deserves it: I will never go anywhere else to get my furs tailored or repaired as long as I live in New York City. I walked into the 29th Street boutique without having made an appointment nor being referred to and was treated like family. I have never received such quality of service in New York City: I felt like my needs were being addressed with care and I very much appreciated it. Steve Cowit was the person whom took my order and although him and I had never met, it was like we had been life-long friends. I would never go to any other furrier in the city even if they were cheaper: this is how strongly I feel about the Cowits fur business. Period.

Check out this review on Google :

Jan. 11, 2016
Kindergarten Prep    reviewed your business on Google Plus Local
5 Stars (5/5)
I had the most wonderful experience at Henry Cowit furs,the brothers were great!! But my fav brother was Steve. He treated me like family. He took his time and showed me several minks & I even tried on several, but I had already went online and had picked out my baby. It is a Demi Buff mink swing 3/4 coat and I once I tried it on I was in Love.(I brought that baby that day,haven’t been able to wear it yet weather has been warm,cannot Wait) I have been telling all my friends,parents giving out their business cards!! I have my eye on a jacket.  I cannot wait till their next sale!! Kim R,Brooklyn N.Y

Check out this review on Yelp:  Lynda D.,   Manhattan, NY        5.0 star rating 3/4/2016

Steve, Susan and Larry helped me and brilliantly redesigned a coat that was sitting in my closet for years. It was too big and out of date. I never wore it and thought I might try to consign it. They told me to keep it– it was in great shape and they had wonderful ideas on how to restyle it. Wow! It is gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier. I wore it it out and people complimented me on the street–how often does that happen?
Great people, great service, great product.
May 7, 2016, Dr S. Reviewed our business on Yelp: 5 Stars ( 5/5)

After a very positive experience purchasing two lovely pre-owned furs from this establishment, I entrusted them to remodel two of my favorite mink coats that no longer fit. I can’t say enough about the courtesy and professionalism shown to me by everyone- especially Mitch who worked with me on my purchases and remodeling projects, which turned out to be breathtakingly beautiful. Mitch personally supervised and followed through on everything, was very sensitive and responsive to my own ideas and needs and, last but not least, made sure that the pricing was very fair. I have recommended Cowit Furs to all of my friends and, based on my own experience, enthusiastically recommend them to the buying public.

  • Bonnie R.   Check out this 5 star review on Yelp
  • Carterville, IL  5 Stars *****     11/29/2016

My emails were answered promptly. When I arrived at the store, Larry had the fur I was interested in ready for me.  Those particular furs were not a good fit, and Larry brought another one for me to try, and that was it.  He will embroider my initials, clean it and ship it to me.  If I could buy more furs from him, I would.  The store has hundreds of choices.


We also sell a full line of fur accessories including fur hats (made to order and to match your fur garment), headbands, scarves, boas,ear muffs,ponchos and fur trimmed capes and the hot item this year: fur vests. We appraise used furs and we are the largest buyers of used fur garments in the country. We are also one of the only furriers in the Tri State area to rent used furs.

We Sell Pre-owned, Vintage and New Furs at Bargain Prices Year Round

Pre-owned fur selling price and fur selection is what separates us from our competition and keeps our loyal customers coming back and recommending us to their friends and families. Because our fur store in New York City is not fancy, we are able to translate our lack of high overhead into great prices year round.

Besides selling pre-owned and new furs we also specialize in fur storage(www.furcare.org),  fur cleaning, fur matching, fur repair, fur remodeling and fur appraisals.

We are also one of the only furriers to rent furs for those special occasions.

We specialize in fur appraisals.

Our experienced staff will appraise your furs for insurance and replacement purposes. We also do appraisals for insurance companies from 1 to 500 garments backed by our 3 generations of expertise.

We also sell and custom design new furs. Our large stock of new furs includes samples of this year’s newest lines.

After selling you a beautiful new fur or remodeling your fur coat, we are also there to care for your fur garment and keep your fur in the best shape so it will give you many years of fur enjoyment.

We are members of FICA (Fur Information Council of America) and the Greater Fur New York Association. We are also Authorized FURCARE Specialists: http://www.furcare.org/

Unlike furs bought at flea markets or on e-bay, we promise to stand behind any fur garment we sell or fur that Henry Cowit / Madison Ave. Furs remodels.

Serving: New York City | New York | Manhattan | New York Metro | Tri-state