About Us

Henry Cowit, Inc. / Madison Avenue Furs, LTD. in New York City’s fur district is a multi-faceted, third generation family business where anything you want in fur is here. We are your ONE-STOP SHOPPING FOR ALL YOUR FUR NEEDS. We are the largest fur matchers in the USA and possibly the world. This was our original business based on three generations of experience. We have been supplying matching fur material for repairs and remodels for retailers across the country for well over 75 years. We have a huge inventory of skins, stripes, and parts for all your matching needs.

We specialize in the selling of pre-owned, designer & vintage furs

Selling pre-owned, designer and vintage furs is our area of expertise but we also sell and custom design new fur garments. We sell a full line of new fur accessories including fur vests, fur hats, fur headbands, fur ear muffs, fur scarves, fur boas, and fur ponchos.

Rafel Shearling, has moved their W 29th St factory to Newark, NJ. Our long standing family businesses have joined forces at our new showroom to handle their retail operation.  We now have one of the largest collections of men’s and women’s shearlings in the country. We do shearling repairs, remodels and cleanings. http://www.rafelshearling.com

Madison Ave Furs is a full service furrier who stores, cleans, repairs and restyles your older and unwanted furs. Our restyling consultant, Susan Romano, ran the J. Mendel remodeling center and has over 38 years of design and manufacturing experience.

Vogue says that Henry Cowit Inc / Madison Ave Furs has New York City’s best Selection of Classic Vintage Furs: http://www.vogue.com/…/henry-cowit-inc-vintage-furs-new-yo…/