Spring is FUR Storage Season; There is Still Plenty of Time

This is a reminder to store your FURS. Our vaults are scientifically designed to provide maximum protection for your precious garments.  Cleaning and glazing is also a must especially after this year’s winter. Cleaning keeps your furs fresh and supple which will prolong the life of your fur and restore their natural beauty.  We are always available to help you have your fur remodeled into something that will make your older garment into a modern fashion statement. Or to repair a fur that needs some tender care. We can also add a touch of elegance to your non-fur coat with a new collar or cuffs. Fur Storage Season: FUR storage, FUR cleaning, FUR repair & FUR remodeling. Let Madison Ave Furs give your FURS the best summer vacation they have ever had.

We are still open Monday through Friday. If you cannot make it in, please call us for a pick up appointment

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