Remodeling and Restyling Those Old Furs

There is still plenty of time to bring your furs in for restyling and remodeling. We have experts on hand to help turn your old fur coat into something new and very fashionable. We are open 7 days a week through February for your shopping convenience.   Check out this great article on the FurInsider:

Steve Cowit of Henry Cowit Furs / Madison Ave Furs in New York City is a leader in remodels and fur matching. He notes that his younger clients are turning their grandmother’s coats into fitted 3/4 length styles or dress up / dress down 3/4 coats complete with a detachable hood or. “Some do not want the hoods and we are making scarfs, headbands and ear muffs from the left over fur,” says Mr. Cowit. He adds “We are also shearing down some of these older coats and turning them into a reversible to tafetta raincoat mainly in a 3/4 length. These are very versatile and wearable coats that will get a lot of use.”   

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