A Very Happy & Healthy New Year

Those of us at Henry Cowit Inc / Madison Ave Furs would like to wish our customers, friends and family, a very Happy and a Healthy New Years. As we set upon this New Year’s week, temperatures will plummet. Hope you are prepared. A beautiful fur is just the ticket. We are still open 7 days a week ( except new Year’s Day) to help get you through these frigid temps. Here in NYC for New Year’s eve, we do rent furs.

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One Response to A Very Happy & Healthy New Year

  1. Annette says:

    How can anyone walk from these Furs? This is the second of many years to come, that I’ve bought from Madison Ave, Cowit Furs, May I say, it has been a pleasure, they are trustworthy & really know their stuff. If you’re looking for a fur coat for this terrible cold winter, (more bone chilling temps to come this winter) Run, don’t walk, to Cowit Furs. I will be nice & cozy, in my jaw dropping coats I bought from these wonderful guys. I’ve turned heads in Church by the way. Looking forward to wearing my new Lynx on Saturday to dinner with friends. I won’t be surprised when their jaw hits the floor, however, I still will b more than happy to pass Madison Ave. Cowit Furs on to them, unlike others that will keep it all to themselves. Guy’s, Larry, Steve, last but never least, MItch, Thank you! I think I’ll be the only one sad when the spring arrives 🙁 Love u guys, Your the BEST!

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