Upcoming Spring Fur Bargains:

Still looking for FUR bargains? With the price of all furs especially mink going through the roof, Henry Cowit Inc / Madison Ave Furs promises to give you the best bang for the buck when it comes to a new or pre-owned, designer or vintage FUR. Our End of Season Clearance and Layaway Fur Sale has just begun.
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4 Responses to Upcoming Spring Fur Bargains:

  1. Ethel myles says:

    Iam looking for 3/4 lenth vintage coats

    • cowitfurs says:

      Sorry for delay but i have been away on vacation. depending on your size, we have several 3/4 vintage style furs available. can you come into our showroom

      steve cowit

  2. Rachel Wallace says:

    I have a whiskey mink 3/4 coat. It is a lighter color on the top and gradually becomes darker on the bottom. The hem is scalloped. I like the coat, but would love it as a full length coat. Is it possible to have the coat lengthened? Also I am looking for a vintage full length mahogany (brown) mink coat with a shawl collar and bracelet sleeves size 16. Do you have anything similar in your used fur department?

    • cowitfurs says:

      To lengthen a coat like that would be extremely difficult for 2 reasons… the scalloping and trying to find matching material might be almost impossible… we would have to see the garment before making a final determination. right now, we have both a male coat and a female coat that would be what you are looking for. do you live in the area and can you stop in?

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