FURS…A MUST HAVE FOR 2012 – 2013

THE ROLE OF FUR IN FASHION HAS BECOME SO PROMINENT IN RECENT SEASONS THAT IT TRANSCENDS THE ‘HERE-TODAY-GONE-TOMORROW’ CATEGORY OF FADS. So notes the Fur Information Council of America, declaring fur “is once again crowned as the MUST-HAVE item for fall/winter 2012-13 for both women and men.” As the evidence in the form of fur’s still-increasing presence in the world’s fashion presentations for the coming season, is considered, it should be noted that this publication, while devoted to reporting fur news, is not an arm of the industry – strictly independent – but must agree with such others as WWD, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Wall Street Journal, Glamour and New York Magazine that consumers would be blind not to take notice.

WELCOME NEWS, SAYS FICA’S EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR KEITH KAPLAN, considering the industry (in the Western world) is hurting from the past winter’s mild weather. “Insiders report that there continues to be an aggressive increase in designers utilizing fur in the current collections. Whether it is full-fur garments, accessories, trims or linings, it is estimated that there are a reported 500-plus designers now showing some manifestation of fur.” Kaplan also points to Hollywood stylist/author June Ambrose, who declared in an appearance on NBC’s Today show during New York Fashion Week “it’s all about glamour and there was lots of fur,” adding “with the state of the economy, fashion is still driving business.

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