Month: March 2012

When to store my fur garments?

We always get asked: ” When should I store my furs?” Our answer is: store your furs when you decide that you will not wear them anymore. It has been unseasonably warm but tonight, the temps get back down to a chilly 25 degrees and you might wish to have your fur if you have already stored them.  Either way, when you are ready, we are here for storage. .


It’s not to early to think about getting your furs into storage. Even though it has been a very mild winter and you havn’t worn your furs that much, they still get dusty hanging in the closet. If you havn’t cleaned your furs lately,  you really need to get them cleaned so they stay fresh.  And more importantly, you alway need to store your furs with a professional furrier. When you .

Our 2012 Auction is over BUT!

A note to our loyal customers and new customers who might find our web pages…. Our 2012 auction is over but there are still super fur bargains to be found on our racks…. Come on it as we are still open 6 days a week for your shopping convenience. We will also be updating our fur gallery for our end of the Winter / Spring sales.  

Henry Cowit Inc / Madison Ave Fur’s Super Bowl Weekend is here

Henry Cowit Inc  / Madison Ave Fur’s Super Bowl Weekend is here.   Our huge public auction is tomorrow, Sunday, March 4th beginning at 1PM… Amazing fur bargains can be had during the auction and we also sell on inspection day, today, Saturday, march 3rd. Perfect weekend to walk away with the fur of your dreams!